Welco Technologies | AC Electric Motors, Engineering Motor Design, Electric Motor and Motor Part Manufacturing
WELCO Technologies is an engineering and manufacturing company, specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom-engineered AC electric motors. WELCO specializes in products such as Stators for Medical X-ray Tubes, Synchronous Motors for the Fiber and Glass Industries, High Speed Motors for the Machine Tool Industry, as well as many other motor designs for Industrial and Commercial OEM applications. More about our AC Electric Motor Products»

Stator for Medical X-Ray Tubes | AC electric Motors and motor partsAC Electric Motors and motor parts | machine tool and die rotorPM Synchronous Motors | AC Electric Motors for the Fiber industryAC Electric Motor custom engineering and custom electric motor solutions

We do more than just make motors, WELCO provides solutions…WELCO has more than a century's experience in providing Solutioneering (Solutions + Pioneering) for a range of difficult applications using motor technologies we have pioneered over the years.

We do what other motor manufacturers can’t or won’t do…At WELCO, our Design Engineers are focused on working directly with end-users and OEM's to convert older motor technology, such as synchronous reluctance motors, to a greatly improved Permanent Magnet (PM) motor technology. More about our Capabilities»

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