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PM Synchronous Motors

When precise preset speed control must be attained even though voltage, temperature, and load fluctuate constantly or when two or more units of operating equipment must be synchronized the WELCO Vari-Hertz™ PM synchronous motor offers an open-loop motor solution. Higher efficiency and power factor, higher energy density, no external power supply for mechanical braking needed, precise open-loop speed control, stable operation and high reliability / longer life are all features of our U. S. Patented motor technology.

Tension Control Motors

WELCO Tension Control Motors are your low cost effective choice for reliable, efficient, continuos tension control of low tensile strength materials. They are torque rated motors with a reliable slip rating from a few rpm at idle (no load) to 100% slip at stall condition with varying torque load. The torque rated design effectively responds to varying speed and tension demands. WELCO Tension Control Motors are designed for minimum locked rotor current during stall conditions. They can operate at continuos stall for indefinite periods without thermal damage.

Partial Motors

WELCO Technologies offer maximum performance value in the minimal amount of space for precision fit and optimum operation. A broad range of horsepower, frequency, frame size, and speed configurations are available to meet your specific performance and machine design requirements. WELCO Technologies partial motors are available in a variety of speed torque characteristics from NEMA A to 100% stall torque curves. Multiple speed windings can be provided to avoid unstable low frequency operation.

WELCO Technologies partial motors are state of the art quality and are engineered to exceed our customer's most stringent mechanical tolerances and electrical characteristics. All partial motors manufactured by WELCO Technologies use the highest quality materials to ensure a long trouble free equipment life.

AC Induction Motors

For over 100 years WELCO Technologies has been a leader in the design and manufacture of AC Induction Motors. WELCO Technologies Induction Motors are used in a variety of markets including Industrial, Aerospace and Medical X-Ray. WELCO Technologies motors are tough and stand up to the most severe conditions. When applications call for the maximum power at the highest efficiency, resistance to harsh environmental conditions or extreme temperature resistance, WELCO Technologies Induction Motors are the best solution.

WELCO Technologies has thousand of custom designs and can produce a custom-engineered motor to your exact requirements. The WELCO Technologies advantage allows you to custom engineer a motor to your precise application requirements thus maximizing your system performance and total system investment.

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